Appreciation by Trip Advisor

When I first time wrote a review on trip advisor I had no idea that one day people will appreciate me so much that I have got 13,853 readers for my reviews. It was just a casual review without any future planning fo becoming a travel blogger.


Winter Trip to Kashmir with Friends : Part I

It’s a long and old story but  I like to share it with all of you. Before this trip, I used to live in Mumbai and my hometown is Kolkata and I am a proud Bengali rather than calling myself BONG.

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Daringbadi Trip : Odisha

Daringbadi is known as the Kashmir of Orisha. It is said, in winter lucky people can experience snowfall in the early morning though it is a rare incident. It is a peaceful, pollution free calm place for relaxation.

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Weekend Trip to Shantiniketan

Trip to Alibag